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The Mill

For the past year or so we have been designing our own space, renovating an old watermill in Cumbria. We’ve learned a lot of DIY skills—making furniture, handrails and light fixtures—as well as getting dirty with some hard manual labour—kicking walls down, digging land drains and installing ceiling insulation (worst job EVER!). Needless to say it’s taken up a lot of our time this year, but we finished the Mill house (pictured) just in time for the birth of our son, Ford.

We will be living and working from the Mill house while we finish turning the mill into a studio. Looking forward to working on some amazing projects from here! Although we are just North of the Lakes we are right next to the main train line with Manchester and London to the South and Scotland and Edinburgh to the North.

Search the hashtag #plumptonreno on instagram for pictures of the project unfolding.